Create Habits that Stick. Step 2!

February 21,2014
Step 2: Be Consistent in Your Approach Consistency is the single most valuable tool in your lifestyle-change toolbox. They don’t call habits “behavioral patterns” for nothing. In the same way that a pattern is a series of repeated elements, a habit can easily be thought of as a series of repeated motions. Let’s imagine that you are trying to establish a morning workout pattern. Create a two-week calendar and visually mark down the days you intend to exercise in the AM hours. Commit to this pattern for two weeks even though it may disrupt your current routine. After two weeks you should feel distinctly more comfortable with morning workouts than you did on day 1.

Four Fail Proof Methods to Create Habits that Stick

February 20,2014
Habits are powerful creatures, aren't they?! Who has a bad habit(s) they want to break? How long have you wanted to or talked about breaking it? How about a good habit you'd love to make a part of your daily or weekly routine? Please share. What is that habit? I have a healthy habit I'm going after; in bed by 10 pm. Yes!

With Love!

February 19,2014
This just captures CAN CAN Cleanse perfectly! We make jars full of love for you! Yes, this was a Valentine's card and here we are a week after Valentine's Day, but never too late to share a little love, in jars. Ok-ok, enough already :)

Green Leaf Soup with Sweet Potato and Ginger

February 14,2014
The 5th and final day of our soups in the colors of the Olympic rings! Go USA! Here's Green!


February 13,2014
Have you driven by our cute awning yet? Wondering what's going on in that little hole-in-the-wall?! It's our new San Francisco pick-up outpost (formerly a flower shop). We're so happy to be in the 94115 neighborhood! Sundays - Thursdays 4pm - 6pm.