June 18,2012
Summer vacation on your mind? In need of sunshine on your body? No better time to cleanse! Travel and leisure are pleasurable, health-boosting activities, but getting to or managing your way back from a trip can take its toll. Perfect time to "staycation" and practice a cleanse!


May 06,2012
For those of you have seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and dusted off your juicers, good for you! Others who are inspired after CAN CAN'ing with us, often write to share with me that they bought a juicer and are juicing at home, fantastic! Keep those emails coming! What a way to show dedication to improve your health and wellness by embracing and tackling juicing at home. It's one of my primary goals of CAN CAN Cleanse; to empower my clients to continue to practice mindfulness in their day-to-day diets after the cleanse.


April 28,2012
I love buying and eating seasonal fruits, but I wait (and wait) for Summer's explosion of flavors, colors and varieties. Nothing like fresh Summer berries! Rather than waiting, this time of year I stock the freezer with organic frozen fruits. Wonderful to have on hand for breakfast smoothies, quick to defrost for yogurt or oatmeal topping, or right out of the bag, into a bowl and eaten as a refreshing snack or cool dessert.


March 21,2012
Our lives are busy and time passes, but rather than acknowledging seasons and how they affect our bodies, we mark calendar days and welcome in new weeks and months without rest. The changing of seasons is a wonderful time to take pause and give our bodies and minds a little pick-me-up (or clean-me-up). Reflect on how you're doing and feeling now. Stop planning for tomorrow and start feeling good today. CAN CAN Spring is here!