February 22,2015
Smoothies! Have you joined the club yet? If not, come join! Making smoothies at home is one of the simplest, most delicious and healthiest meals or snacks you can make for yourself and your family. Here's a short guide to get you blending or to keep your blends tasty, balanced and fun! Cheers!

Come As You Are

February 15,2015
There is a special handful of people that you have the pleasure to work with in your life and also call a lifelong friend. Lacy Young is one of these people in my life. We maintain a long distance relationship (via phone and email) and as Lacy put it, "we paddle over to one another's islands" to support each other personally and professionally on a regular basis. It's the best! During our most recent conversation, Lacy shared her latest adventure. While it's a professional one (which you are invited to join), it's also part of Lacy's personal journey. Lacy is a motivational health coach, listener, healer, connector and encourager. She will be hosting her first meditation and healing retreat in Costa Rica this May. I'm delighted to share it with you as I'm 100% certain it will be a positively transforming week. Here are Lacy's words and info about the Shift retreat for those of you looking for exactly this.

Green Core Cleanse = Pure Body Lovin'

February 10,2015
We've upped our greens! Introducing our new Green Core Cleanse! 3 blends of green juices, 2 cozy veggie broths, zero sweet fruit juices = Pure Body Lovin' Now Available Just In Time for Valentine's Day!

Let's Warm You Up!

January 20,2015
We have a hot new cleanse program for you! Our new Warming Cleanse is here! No more running cold and craving hot while on your cleanse. Let's warm you up!

Happy Holidays!

December 25,2014
From all of us in the CAN CAN kitchen, we wish you a Merry Christmas! May today be bright and the New Year even brighter for you and your family! We will be offering cleanse pick-ups and deliveries on Sunday, 12/28 and Monday, 12/29 and then taking a few days of rest before welcoming 2015!