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Nov 11, 2013


Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away and we want to make sure it's the best eating day of the year for you! That's right, if you eat good, you feel good. If you eat bad, you feel bad (both physically and emotionally). Now we don't want you to feel that way that sooooo let's avoid making the same mistakes we made last year on Thanksgiving.

This year, let's prepare to say no-no to the two dinner rolls, half of a plate of mash potatoes, stuffing, turkey and a side of cheesy cauliflower. Switch out the super-sized plate for a normal dinner plate and serve yourself thoughtful, controlled portions of each...and yes, you will have room to enjoy a slice of homemade pumpkin pie and not feel eaters remorse after.

Join us for "Stay In Control On Turkey Day!" Three week cleanse package to remind you to eat well this Thanksgiving! 

Here's How It Works!
3-Day Cleanse This Week!
2-Day Cleanse Next Week
1-Day Cleanse Week of Thanksgiving
Be prepared to practice portion control, to exercise willpower, and to give thanks for your health on Thanksgiving Day.
You CAN do it!

This is a special offer in San Francisco. $355 (delivery is extra). Book by or phone 415-439-0035 You CAN do it!