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Recycling Your Jars!

Nov 09, 2014


One the most frequently asked questions we receive is, "What do I do with the lovely mason jars after my cleanse?"

You may return them to us! The jars are yours to keep (ie: DIY crafts, canning/preserving, flower vases, drinking glasses, gifting to friends, etc), however we understand that it can be a lot of jars to keep around the house. Many clients will return the jars to us when they pick-up their next cleanse. If you have your cleanses delivered to your home, we're happy to pick-up the jars from your front doorstep when we come to deliver your next cleanse order ~ just let us know so we can tell our driver to scoop them up. Since we do not take a jar deposit, we do not issue a credit for returning jars.

The best part of recycling the jars back to us is our new "C.L.E.A.N.S.E" recycle program. We've found local chidrens' schools, art programs, and non-profits to gift your jars too. A feel good mission!

Last month we donated our clients' recycled CAN CAN Cleanse jars to local children's art programs. Here's how the jars are being revitalized after your cleanse.

"The mason jars have been instrumental here at Golden Gate Children's Art in helping us prolong the life of our supplies and teaching the kids about recycling, reusing and conserving materials. Did you know that you can make liquid watercolor out of old, dried up markers?! Instead of throwing them out, you can crack the marker open, remove the felt cartridge and soak them in water for a few weeks- and violá! Vibrant liquid watercolor that kids and grown ups both love." - Teacher Helena

Drop off your jars to our SF outpost: 2864 California St @ Broderick any Sunday - Thursday 4pm - 6pm ~ Thanks!