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Jun 18, 2013

Oh yes! We love Summer! It's up there for the most favorite season of the year, agree?! We actually allow ourselves much deserved R & R. We leave work early or take off days even weeks. We happily wake up early and if we're lucky, we watch the sun go down late. We go for long walks, runs, rides, bikes, swims, etc. We splash in small to large masses of water. We wear hats and sunglasses, yet we don't wear shoes or shirts. We seize and worship the sunlight hours or go in search if the weather doesn't cooperate. We re-up our vitamin D intake. We eat lots of fresh fruits including honest to goodness local heirloom tomatoes. We look forward to our Summer cleanse and thoroughly enjoy every sip.

Welcome CAN CAN Summer! May this season be filled with much rest and relaxation!