8-Week Challenge

8 weeks of SELF CARE! You CAN do it!

Spend 8 weeks refocusing and working towards your goals. The 8 week program is all about YOU!


Yes, that's right! We want to help you take care of YOU! Together, we will do it in the most gentle, approachable way. Let's start with a 1-Day Cleanse 1x per week for 8 weeks. That's it! Commit. Change your outlook on food. Gain control back over your eating habits and be confident. 


Every body is different and we all have our individual goals we want to acheive both physically and mentally. We ask you to set your intentions or take this time to become more mindful of the importance of taking care of yourself first.


We are here to support you! You're mind and body will thank you!

Join us for an 8 Week Challenge!


* Select your start date 

* 1-Day Cleanse per week**

* Arrange pick-up or delivery

* Commit. Cleanse. Kick-Start a healthier you!

** Each week, you pick the day that works best for you to cleanse. An email will be sent after ordering to coordinate.

The practice of a weekly 1-Day Cleanse can make all the different in how you (and your body!) feel. One 1-Day cleanse once a week will ensure you stay in control of your caloric intake and stay mindful of what you are putting into your body the rest of the week. We hope you'll join us. You CAN do it!

Free delivery over $50.00.

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