Plant Magic Elixirs

With great anticipation and a touch of mystique we are thrilled to release two elixirs from our upcoming new product line, Plant Magic ~ the Bay Area's newest line of hemp-derived CBD-infused juices and elixirs.

First release flavors include Lemon Ginger and Totally Turmeric each served in 2 oz  "shot size" bottles.

Why hemp-derived CBD Juices?

CAN CAN Cleanse has been serving up the power of plants to customers for almost 10 years, and we believe that combining hemp-derived CBD into our nutrient dense vegetable and fruit juices is a perfect pairing.

Each 2oz elixir contains 15mg of hemp-derived CBD ~ a non-psychoactive plant-based wonder.

Plant Magic is infused with 99+% pure, non-GMO hemp CBD isolate sourced from Colorado and formulated by Bay Area nano-emulsion experts. Our elixirs have been lab tested and verified to contain 15mg of hemp-derived CBD.

Plant Magic is currently available exclusively at our SF shop and here on our website through February.

Free delivery over $50.00.

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Showing all 2 results