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Lengthen the Experience…

Ready to feel even better? This cleanse is designed to give your body a longer internal rest from the day-to-day consumption of food. For my experienced cleansers, 5 days to seriously reset your body and challenge your mind!

Choose Your Path

Your 5-Day Cleanse includes our CAN CAN Cleanse for all 5 days, Green Cleanse for all 5 days, or a healthy balance of both should you decide to customize your experience.

5-Day Program

Each day you will consume our seasonal menu of nutrient-rich beverages:

  • 2 Fruit Juices
  • 2 Green Vegetable Juices
  • 2 Herbal Teas
  • 1 Nut Milk
  • 1 Savory Soup

8 beverages total. Approximately 1000 calories per day.

Who Should 5-Day Cleanse?

This cleanse is for my experienced cleansers who have CAN CAN’ed before and would like to intensify the experience and broaden the benefits. A longer cleanse practice leaves the mind crystal clear and the body light and alive!

Please contact Teresa if you have questions about if a 5-Day Cleanse is right for you.

Delivery Schedule

5-Day cleanses require scheduling two home deliveries. An email will be sent to confirm your delivery schedule after your order has been received. Thank you!


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