Beverages - Recipes for Health! 

Looking for meal inspirations before or after your cleanse?

Here is a selection of recipes from our shelves for you to enjoy. The recipes showcase whole food, always organic ingredients that come together to create a taste-good and make-you-feel-good meal. Happy Cooking! Happy Health!


Carrot Juice

A vitamin boost. Drink orange!

Cucumber Water Cleanse

Spa water all day, any day!

ABC Coconut Juice

A giant glass of vitamins!

Almond Milk Cleanse

Say bye-bye to other milk. You'll love this dairy-free, soy-free sub!

Green Juice Cleanse Recipe

Drink your greens!

Warm Spiced Apple Juice

Spices to warm the belly!

Sparkling Grapefruit Cleanse Recipe

Pink and bubbly! Celebrate and hydrate!

Iced Chai Tea Cleanse Recipe

Spicing up ice tea!

Green Tea

Antioxidant-rich, non-herbal boost!

Mint Tisane

Warm mojito!