Breakfast - Recipes for Health! 

Looking for meal inspirations before or after your cleanse?

Here is a selection of recipes from our shelves for you to enjoy. The recipes showcase whole food, always organic ingredients that come together to create a taste-good and make-you-feel-good meal. Happy Cooking! Happy Health!


Avocado Toast

Add the green fruit to your morning bread!

Topless Egg Sando

Less bread, more greens!

Peach Mango Compote Cleanse Recipe

A naturally sweet mix-in or dip!

Cucumber Tomato Caprese

A lighter yogurt spin on the classic!

Quinoa Porridge Cleanse Recipe

An equally hearty & warm oatmeal alternative!

Scrambled Eggs & Herbed Sweet Potato Mash

Eggs and (sweet) potatoes make my morning!

Persimmon & Blueberry Oatmeal

Fruit, nut, whole grain goodness!

Watermelon Raspberry Parfait

Light, refreshing and pretty pink, indulge!

Purple Kale Smoothie Cleanse Recipe

Sneak it in and sip your greens!

Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding Cleanse Recipe

Fruity decadence!